Parent with gambling addiction

Overall, about qddiction percent of the U. For a year, I made him write down how much he won or lost every time he went. However for your mother this has not been the case — she could not have known that addiction was waiting for her and by the time she became aware she would have been confused and frightened and unable to talk about it. Please, I really need some answers. Also, another of my sisters got married a few months ago and moved abroad.

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I think my mother is becoming addicted to casinos. I'm not sure. Ever since casinos became legal where I live, she goes A LOT. I don't know. Learn more about gambling amongst seniors, as well as what to do if your parent develops a gambling addiction later in life. Remember: There is nothing you can say or do to make your parent stop gambling. You didn't cause your parent's gambling addiction, but you also can't force.