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He used to work closely with large gaming operators in every continent, understanding their habits and providing them with system they needed. How have you improved your relationships with onlinee affiliate programs in the last 12 months? Nick has over seven years of experience in the online gaming space and has waards on a number of award-winning sports and betting websites. Tal Ron, Drihem and Co. It's great to see some old faces and even better to see so many new ones.

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So – prepare yourself for the “only iGaming awards that matter”. Grab a beer or a hot cup You're about to jump into the trenches of online gambling. Hoo-wah! Great Place to Work Award. NetEnt Mobile Operator of the Year. Cherry Gaming Online Gaming Operator of the Year. Mr Green. “The International Gaming Awards is supported and enhanced by well The iGaming Post is an online, international, daily newspaper for the gaming industry.