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Add As Home Page. This is no place to play with words and semantics. Are both considered "no vig"? Vig, which is short for vigorish, is greenflag gambling term used to describe the book's theoretical edge, or commission, on each betting online wager. It is interest a loan shark charges.

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Vig definition, a charge paid on a bet, as to a bookie. Explore [+ fr gambling; probably fr Yiddish fr Russian vyigrysh, ''profit, winnings'']. (slang) A charge taken on bets, as by a bookie or gambling establishment. quotations vig m (indefinite plural vigje, definite singular vigu, definite plural vigjet). 2)short for "vigorish" used in gambling;When wagering on a straight wager (point between what is wagered and what is won is called the 'Juice' or 'VIG'.